16 W. 2nd Street, Franklin, Ohio 45005 Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM

Honduras 2016 2 days before leaving

Packing…unpacking…repacking. There is too much, too heavy and too big. With a team of 2 we get two large suitcases, 50 lbs. each. Last year, even with our team of 5, we took an extra suitcase for 300 lbs. of VBS stuff for the Bordo kids. And last year we didn’t take fossils. (don’t even go there-my fossils are going-they are pivotal to the lesson. I have selected a few of my very favorites and then 80 small fossils to give to the kids. No more than a few ounces total, I’m sure.) We can each pay for another suitcase, but even so, that brings it to 200 lbs. leaving us 100 lbs. short. (maybe 150 with the fossils) I am not sure you can do VBS in 200 lbs. Between us, we can probably carry on another 50 lbs. Of course that is at the sacrifice of clothing. And they do require that we dress everyday.

Once again, I am not in control. Our God is bigger than this, I know that. I am sure He has a plan. And I have no doubt that He will NOT share it with me because He is working with me on my faith. (once again) Not knowing is the hardest part of the missions experience for me. It will continue throughout the week, and I will not like it any better at the end than I do at the beginning. I like my ducks in a row. Straight row. All looking the same way. No quacking. On a mission trip there are no rows, lots of quacking and I am very sure that they are not even all ducks, much less all looking the same way!

God is evident, though, even in what appears to me to be chaos. At VBS here in Franklin, Tom came by as we were putting fossils in baggies for the kids to take home. He said he had some little canvas bags that a lady at work had given him for AWANA. He gave them to me for the fossils I was giving to the kids. They were absolutely perfect. End of story? Not quite. When she found that we had actually used them, she gave him 500 or 600 more. We are taking them to Honduras for fossils and we hope to do a mini VBS for another Bordo. There will likely be somewhere between 100 and 200 kids there. We will use the bags for candy as a gift to these kids. So Tom tells the woman what we are doing and she tells him that her husband had these bags (packaged in lots of 100) for sale at a flea market for years. He never sold any. Frustrated he was about to throw them away, when his wife saved them. She felt sure someone would want them. Her comment to Tom was “I guess God was saving them for Honduras”.

And then… Kathy Wheeler had a vision for sewing purses for the kids with crayons, a small notebook and a mechanical pencil inside. She recruited her mother to help sew. The neighbor stopped by saw what Martha was doing and she made some Then Wanda made some. Then Katie’s mother in law asked if there was anything they needed and she went out and bought 30 notebooks. Kathy and Martha delivered purses yesterday.

Katie donated a big box of school supplies that she no longer needed. And someone else Kathy ran into gave her surplus school supplies for us to take.

Angie gave me some little handmade felt hearts for the kids and a bag of shells for one of the crafts.

Wanda gave me a bag of prescription glasses no longer needed.

So God had all of these people bring us “stuff”, I am pretty sure He wants it to go with us. It will be interesting where He is going to put it all.

Julie Wells