Coming Up…


Church In Person

Sunday, May 31st @ 10:30AM

This is an activity we can all get behind! We know many of you have been stuck in the house for weeks or maybe even months and we have certainly missed you. We are thrilled to say we plan to have in person services on May 31st @ 10:30AM. It will not be back to normal, though, as we still have many elderly and vulnerable people in our church, our families, and our community that we need to consider. Some of the guidelines for when we return to church are below:

  1. Please keep safe social distancing (6 feet) with others not of your family.


  1. You are encouraged (not required) to wear a mask coming into the building and you have the option to wear it during the worship service if it makes you feel more comfortable.


  1. The church will be disinfected before each service. Hand sanitizers will be at each door entrance to use.  When you come into the church do not linger in the hallway but go directly to the sanctuary.


  1. Pews will be roped off with every other pew available.You may not be able to sit in your normal seat.  Please sit in pews from the center and allow 6 feet of separation between individuals and families.  The balcony will be available for seating.


  1. For those who do not feel comfortable with giving of your offering through the mail or online and will not be joining us for worship, we will be having an outdoor drive-through giving box from 9:15-10:15 am in the River Road church parking lot. For those joining us for worship, we will have offering boxes at each door inside the sanctuary.  (We will not be passing the offering plates) For when we celebrate Communion, we will have Communion cups/bread packaged together and picked up at the building entrances. (We will not be passing Communion)


  1. All entry doors, sanctuary doors, Common Ground doors, and restroom doors will be propped open to avoid contamination.Hand sanitizer will be available on the bar in the Common Grounds area for when you leave the restrooms.


  1. No material will be passed out (bulletins, welcome center gifts, promotions).


  1. At the conclusion of the worship service, people will be released in an orderly fashion beginning with those in the back of the sanctuary.Please go directly to your vehicle or speak to people at a safe distance outside the building.


Awana Grand Prix – POSTPONED

Sunday, March 15th @ 3PM

The race that puts the Indy 500 to shame… okay, maybe not! But this race IS a lot of fun!

  • Sign up at the Welcome Center
  • Categories for every age
  • Held in the church basement
  • Car kits are available – Just ask Jill or Tom Neace